How to Create the Perfect Meditation Space

As we know, meditation can be done anywhere at any time. You don’t have to create a special spot to find peace and balance; however, if you have space in your home, why not carve out a designated area to tap into your zen?

Release Uncertainty

Now that we are half way through 2021, our minds are still projecting an assortment of thoughts. How will this year play out? Will I accomplish my goals? What do I desire, and how will I get there? The fascinating part is this time last year your mind was probably filled with some of the same questions, and coated with your deepest hopes and dreams. Yet, it was also filled with a hugs amount of fear.

Morning Rituals for a Healthy Life

A few weeks ago I was asked by a high school friend, “What are you doing to look so young? And, girl I know it has to be more than yoga and meditation.” In all honesty, she was correct. Looking and feeling vibrant includes a combination of things, but most important it requires commitment and consistency. In order to achieve this, I find it is easier to create healthy patterns in the form of daily rituals.

Womb Clearing: Strengthen My Vagina Warrior

Everything around and within is energy. From the moment we are born, the physical and metaphysical energy within us shifts, transforms, evolves and can sometimes become trapped. Ancient Egyptians did not distinguish between the physical and metaphysical. All is equal and holds a sacred purpose in our existence. Our physical energy moves at a slower pace, which in turns creates solid matter. On the other hand, metaphysical energy, or as I like to call it spirit energy, vibrates at a higher speed.

Venture Out!

I’ve always been adventurous, taken risks, and definitely jumped head first into uncertainty. However, I’ve also experienced butterflies while looking over a four-story balcony or during takeoff on a plane. Many years ago I realized this feeling was less about motion sickness, but more about a lack of control.